About Village Purpose

logo Neigbourhood That Works (NTW)

NTW is a grass roots group dedicated to sustainable community cooperation. We believe that local community cooperation and sharing is essential to a sustainable future. We have designed Village as a totally free resource to support this local cooperation.

To find out more about NTW visit our website at www.ntwonline.weebly.com

Why Village?

Through their practical self-help experience, NTW has recognised the need for methods of organisation that are simple, accessible and non-hierarchical. Many studies and reports (Metcalf, 1995; McCluskey, 1999; Thompson, Bartolomei, Corkery and Judd, 2003; Darcy, 2003) refer to inappropriate self-help management structures resulting in poor general practice, leadership burnout, power struggles and conflict, long-winded meetings, domination by some and lack of participation by others. It is from the experienced practical need for a casual yet structured form of personal empowerment & collective organisation that the Village application has been developed by NTW.

This organizer encourages: Cooperation & Shared Ownership