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Village Promotion

Posted by chrisbaulman on 21/02/12
I was talking to Alex about how we might best promote the use of the Village site (www.createvillage.net) among neighbours.

We recognised that the most likely reason neighbours would go to Village was to find out more about a notice they see on the notice boards.

Since everyone has such different interests, one general notice on the board is unlikely to be very interesting, and a notice about touch football will not appeal to a pensioner - so it would be best to have new notices appearing all the time on a great variety of interests.

The theory is that if someone visits Village about something they see on the notice boards they are likely to see other things listed ... over time they will find deeper value in the site, like how it can help to organise some activity which others could share in.

Anyhow if anyone has something to add to this proposal to promote Village I hope you will reply. In due course we will use the Organiser features in Village to start doing promotion. :)

To develop this idea further ...make it an 'Activity' by pressing here.

Recent Comments:

chrisbaulman      24/02/12
Now that there is someone else interested in this activity of Promoting Village, I reckon I might kick off a bit of description for it based on what we have already said - nothing complicated. I will start off with just the idea of promoting Village using a variety of notices on the board about things that will bring people with different interests to go to the Village site for more information.
AlexBaumann      23/02/12
Hi Chris,
Yes I agree this has to be the basic promotion strategy. I guess something else that may grab interest is issues relevant to our housing - such as the maintenance program going on now and people might want to have a say about something - so the 'Have a Say' message needs to stay visible. I was also thinking that some people might like the idea os adding a photo to the photo gallery on the site saying something about how they see the place. So:
*A range of local activities
*Local housing issues being discussed
*Have your say
*Add a Photo