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Top Floor Fire Escape

Posted by chrisbaulman on 27/09/11
I've been thinking it would be good if we figured out a way people could get safely out their windows in the instance of a house fire that didn't let people use the stairs.

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monica      11/08/12
Alex, can you see me strapping them in a basket hahahaha cinda would fight me all the way but amber well maybe ...it would have to be stairs [fire escape] or what the air crafts use in an emergency monica 10/8/12
AlexBaumann      10/08/12
Only thing I can think is to lower them down in dog baskets. I guess you would need some kind of pulley system that made it lighter and the dogs would need to be straped in so they didn't try and get off. There has probably been a system developed just for this.
monica      10/08/12
hi, i always fear that fire is a real possability as our town houses are joined together and only one way down by the stairs and how would i get my 2 dogs out if trapped upstairs, its a real worry. monica 9/8/12
AlexBaumann      12/03/12
Photo of two story buildings that need top floor escape

AlexBaumann      06/10/11
Yeah I've been thinking along these lines. Also there may be something we could keep in our own upstairs bedrooms to make an emergency escape possible - even a rope with knots would be better than nothing. I got really concerned about this last winter when I saw a few fires on the news where people on the top floor couldn't escape. Might be one of things that's hard to come to a perfect solution to but some measure would be good.
Rosie7      05/10/11
What about a ladder that is locked to the end of each block of units. The issue would be, where would be the best place to keep the key, safely away from thieves and idiots.
AlexBaumann      30/09/11
I wonder if this is something we could discuss with Wentworth Community Housing (WCH)? They may get some sortof consultant in to help develop some ideas.
chrisbaulman      29/09/11



A couple of links I found.
Such ladders look like they could be worse than death in a fire.
I did see one mechanism - a rope pulley system anchored on the wall by which you could lower yourself and others down after strapping into a belt around the chest. I guess it would also require some competence though.
Still thinking about it all

> It might be good to sort this out with summer getting close
> Alex

> > Hi Alex,
> > Yes this is a very important issue, especially if you have kids or are
> > old (for all of us really).
> >
> > I don't know if it is something we need to do for ourselves, but If we
> > are going to approach DOH we would need a a viable idea - I guess they
> > wouldn't want to put a ladder on every house.
> >
> > As you say, security is also an issue - once you have a permanent
> > escape route for yourself you also have an entry point for thieves.
> >
> > Perhaps for a start it would be good to know who has a big enough
> > strong ladder already, and could be relied on to make it available on
> > a moment's notice.
> >
> > Alternatively, each houosehold could have a ?rope? ladder in an
> > upstairs room? - or a really good design for tying sheets together?
> >
> > Chris
> >

> >
> >
> >
> > > I don't know about the units at 15 Hope St but the units at 21 have no
> > > real way to get out if the stairs are not usable during a house fire.
> > > With kids asleep on the top floor this is a real worry for me. I
> > > thought it would be good to set up a ladder that can be attached to
> > > the wall and dropped down to the ground from one of the bedrooms. This
> > > would require the right sort of ladder attached to the brick. It would
> > > need a way to be dropped so that it couldn't be accessed from the
> > > ground. Perhaps DoH could help us out with this or perhaps we could
> > > come with a DIY design that others could use.
> > > Alex
Rosie7      28/09/11
I agree! 2 months ago my daughter and son-in-law lost most of their possessions in a house fire. Praise God they were not harmed, but this disaster made us doubly aware of the risks to ourselves and loved ones in such a case. They lost 4 pets, but I could have lost a beautiful daughter. I thought about what I would do if I was upstairs and a fire was downstairs.