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Bushfire Evacuation Plan

Posted by landrights4all on 22/08/11
If we are threatened by a bush fire we have to make a decision when to leave. Is it your plan to leave BEFORE you feel any threat?

I think I would stay until I felt the threat - I wouldn't stay to fight the fire. But this is probably what everyone else would do too. Can you imagine the result? Some people would leave at different times, but most people would get a sense of urgency at more or less the same time. Where would we go?

In the furnace of a bushfire even in the middle of a football oval you would fry - the only safe place to go would be Emu Plains/ Penrith.

We have one road out of here and it runs through bushland - we have one rail line and it runs through bushland. At the first fallen tree or accident, the traffic would stop - in the middle of bushland.

As I understand it, the fire authorities at the forum at Lower Mountains Neighbourhood Centre early last year did not deal with this.

Can we please get a realistic plan together in time for this coming fire season and involve State Rail, police, politicians and council?

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landrights4all      23/08/23
The bushfire outlook for Spring by the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services (AFAC) is scary enough. Summer this year will be horrific. Prepare for the worst while doing everything in your power to stop Labor, the LNP and corporations committing climate crimes.

landrights4all      16/12/13
The incredible bravery of the remote area firefighters @NSWRFS. Hand digging the Blue Mntns "Armageddon line" http://t.co/kHlBz4ucjz
landrights4all      02/12/13
The latest is that the letter from Council to the minister has been ignored. My lletter to the editor of the Gazette did not generate ANY replies.

A new educational tool by ABC TV is aimed entirely at residents with no mention of the need for authorities to pre-plan for evacuations. If you watch the video in the link below, you will see that in between stage 3 & stage 4 is where the evacuation plans are most needed, but they should start to swing into place as soon as a "catastrophic" warning is issued so as to be ready for any "evacuation" advice.


Test whether you're prepared for #Bushfires with @ABCCatalyst. Follow the scenario and see what you would do: http://t.co/GFNoAsKfCm
AlexBaumann      24/09/13
Those fires the other week were a real worry - shows you how fast it can all happen.
Paulajane      20/09/13
We asked for a visit from them and they looked at us as if there was nothing we could do in the event of a fire. We are a red zone. Get out how is right, none of us have cars down our end.
chrisbaulman      16/09/13
This little message was just sent out by the EFS - @NSWRFS: Planning to make a plan is not a plan. Make your Bush Fire Survival Plan at http://t.co/ERNRMXxdub

It went to residents regarding their personal Evacuation plan, But RFS doesn't seem to heed its own advice when it comes to the traffic evacuation plan
Paulajane      13/09/13
Good idea. I remember our last fire out the back and the brigade went sailing past twice and did not even look for street numbers I might busome giant reflective ones for them, honestly the police seem to have no problem materialising.
monica      12/09/13
very frighting the fires
landrights4all      11/09/13
I have written letters to the editors of Blue Mountains Gazette & Penrith City Star today as follows -

Is an evacuation TRAFFIC control plan in place for the fire season?

While particular fire conditions on any day will vary, if people are told to evacuate, say from the lower Mountains, it is easy to foresee that, whatever the fire conditions on the day, there will be unusual traffic and problems with congestion on rail and road to Penrith as these are our only main ways out.

Is there advanced planning in place for example
- to clear the inevitable tail end accidents or breakdowns on the highway which would bring cars to a standstill in the middle of the bush?
- to create additional east bound highway lanes?
- to reorganise buses and evacuation routes via suburbs
- to change our 'once an hour 4 car train service' to cope with a sudden mass of people carrying precious possessions?
- other (emergency insurance cover to encourage full cars, drinking water, medical treatment en route ????)

In November 2012, Blue Mountains City Council resolved :
1. That the Council calls on the NSW Government to consider and publish evacuation plans
for the various parts of the Blue Mountains LGA in the event of bushfires of sufficient
intensity; and
2. That Council writes to the NSW Minister responsible to this effect.

After yesterday’s fires I spoke to Mark Greenhill (BMCC) and was advised that Council has written to the state government many times since .. and they are ignoring us. This irresponsibility is a tragedy in the making.

Chris Baulman

chrisbaulman      10/09/13
smh.com.au ?@smh 4m
LATEST: RFS spokesman confirms one property lost in Winmalee, says strong northerly wind continues to blow #nswfires http://ow.ly/oIR9g