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Hi Everyone

Posted by AlexBaumann on 04/08/11
Why not use this space to say hi and introduce youeself

To develop this idea further ...make it an 'Activity' by pressing here.

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RosemaryBurns      12/10/11
Hi all,
I am Rosemary and think that this is a wonderful venue for us all to use and share ideas. Rosemary Burns
AlexBaumann      06/10/11
Hi Ros, know exactly how you feel...my kids are on school holidays so I'm lucky to get anything done. I'm really glad you see the value and potential of Village as I do. It's great to have a resident owned space where we can set the agenda and discuss things in a structured but non-pressured way. As residents, who would love to hear more of a resident voice at Hope Street, Chris and I have been using posters on the notice boards to attract others to the space. It's all very new so if you see any way the space could be better or more inviting be sure to have your say about it. This space is all about resident control ...so we can use it in any way we see fit (:
Rosie7      05/10/11
Hey Alex, I got back here and found my way into the www site.YAY!! My Mum came to visit; say no more. :)
AlexBaumann      30/09/11
No worries. We've just started promoting Village and I'm hoping it will be a great place to share ideas and develop a better resident voice.
Rosie7      28/09/11
Hey Alex, thanks for helping me today.I can see me up here often now :)