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Posted by AlexBaumann on 27/04/21
Hi, This Village is only newly set up to try and begin inviting more people into being involved with NTW projects. We've done our best to list some of the NTW projects. Have a look in the 'Activities & Events' column and jump right in to anything that interests you.

You may also have your own idea about how you'd like to be involved. If so, you can either start a 'New Post' here in Talking Point to discuss the idea ...or you can dive right in and start a 'New Activity' in Village's second column 'Activities & Events'.

NTW has only been able to develop because of people just like you. It has relied on all sorts of people from all walks of life. So, if you like the NTW idea, and feel guided by the same core value, get involved in whatever way you'd like!


To develop this idea further ...make it an 'Activity' by pressing here.

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