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TV Reception

Posted by AlexBaumann on 13/08/12
Monica said - wentworth phoned to let me know that our t.v. ariel will be updated and the tradesman will phone me next week to arrange an appointment

Alex - Yeah I got a call too. Great somethings been done! Who helped make this happen?

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Recent Comments:

AlexBaumann      24/09/13
Yeah SBS still cutting out on me ) : ...only really wanted abc and sbs.
monica      23/09/13
they can donate the stuff to vinnies problem solved, bloody garage sale every weekend , what a joke
Paulajane      20/09/13
Can't find the post I was looking for. Phil wants to have another garage sale this weekend and I told him I wasn't in favour of it. He said it was to get stuff out of the garage as Wentworth had told him to put the car in there. I said, 'phil, they're putting new stuff in the bloody garage every night, if you want to get rid of stuff don't put anything new in there' we don't want a bloody shop here. This is just my view. I told him to ask everyone - garage sales shouldn't be every week I said.
monica      14/09/13
The contractor did say he would be recommending that each block have their own aerial and booster, as usual its taking too long, it is one reason I have continued to keep Foxtel xx
Paulajane      13/09/13
No abc down our end only the silly channels, he promised me sbs but now i've got nothing!
monica      12/09/13
not happy with our TV reception, wonder when wentworth are going to correct this problem
monica      01/09/13
Our TV reception died and Wednesday morning the contractor had fixed the problem but in the afternoon no TV reception so i sent an email off to wentworth. On Thursday the contractor attended and was so stressed and pulling his hair out in confusion as he would check the cable connections to the booster under the house and then check in to view the reception in our units which was okay and no sooner had he left to check the other unit -no reception- so back under the house to check the cables and he found the cables had been removed from the booster, very very strange goings on.
AlexBaumann      10/04/13
The ariel guy was here again the other day. Reception is still cutting out and SBS is unwatchable. Hard to know what's happening with this. They keep turning up but nothing changes.
monica      22/03/13
does anyone know weather any work was done regarding the TV reception as it seems to be working fine at the moment on the major channels but I still cannot view sbs and tvsn
AlexBaumann      15/03/13
Yay - that's great news Mon. I've rung three times about it this week.