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dog feces

Posted by monica on 10/08/12
i have noticed a lot of dog feces when i walk my girls and you'll always see me with plastic bags to pick up after my dogs, has anyone else noticed this. monica

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monica      13/04/13
yes im not happy when i tread in it although i do keep a watchful eye on the footpath while walking the girls
landrights4all      10/04/13
Ever since you identified this issue I've been keeping an eye out for the filthy buggers. Chris
AlexBaumann      10/04/13
The smell in our yard is absolutely horrible - we're very sad about it because we need to use our yard but can't. I had to move a big pile of poo right in the middle of the path yesterday morning. Very little care being shown.
monica      10/04/13
im noticing a lot of feces around the foot paths in hope street again, where is a ranger when you need one, a very hefty fine if you are caught not picking up after your dog/dogs.
monica      22/03/13
I think they need to add forest blend mulch to the back yard as it leaves a lovely eucalyptus scent and the dogs love it -I'm waiting for the next big lot of storms and I will be going to collect some from opp maccas where councils dump the mulch, my yard could use some now and my girls just love the stuff.....I have the same problem with smells [not from my yard] and cannot open windows depending which way the wind is blowing ..
AlexBaumann      15/03/13
Unfortunately the dog feces smell in the backyard is very bad - so bad that we can't really use our yard much or even leave our back windows open. We've talked so much about this but I'm really not sure what the best thing to do next is.
monica      14/03/13
I am noticing a lot of feces on the foot paths again WHERE IS THE RANGER WHEN YOU NEED ONE
monica      14/03/13
must be time to get some more mulch for the back yard , it leaves a lovely smell in the garden and the dogs love it to. there has been a strong Oder of urine some mornings but its not coming from my yard
AlexBaumann      23/10/12
It would be good if we meet about this and maybe we can meet with Justin together and if that fails take further steps
monica      22/10/12
what steps do we take, it seems the attitude is IT'LL BE RIGHT it really is bad some days