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bloody gum trees

Posted by monica on 10/08/12
i have 2 huge gum trees in my back yard and a palm tree, every house inspection i have voiced my concern regarding these 3 beauties and after finally this year, one tradesmen from wentworth housing and one from dept of housing it was noted that they are a risk of causing damage to our neighbours and myself if they fall or shed branches most likely in a storm or high winds and the trees roots had invaded the sewage pipes causing blockage but guess what i haven't heard from either parties regarding the removal of these trees not to mention digging up and replacing the under ground pipes which will be a huge job and the incovience when they finally decide to do something about this problem SO DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM .monica 9/8/12

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Recent Comments:

monica      08/06/13
yahhhhhh going going gone xxxxxx
AlexBaumann      07/06/13
Well done Mon. Your persistence really paid off!
monica      06/06/13
yahhhhhhh, finally..got a phone from the contractor this morning and saturday is the day that's if its not raining .
monica      21/05/13
wish wentworth would get in and remove the gum and palm tree now that council gave approval, the palm has got hugh seed pods, some have opened and can drop at any time not forgetting the gum has a lean towards the house
monica      12/04/13
Thanks Chris and Alex, it is a real worry for me and defies common sense to allow such big trees to remain close to homes.
landrights4all      10/04/13
Good on you Mon. Chris
AlexBaumann      10/04/13
Your persistence is paying off
monica      10/04/13
good news, report is being sent to wentworth by council recommending the removal of the gum tree close to the back fence as there is thickening half way up the trunk causing weakness to the gum, the tallow gum is getting a trim and the palm is a trim/or removal yahhhhhhh
monica      22/03/13
well I am so Pleased that Paul Koen' thinks that these 2 gum trees in my court yard are safe because I don't think they are and I will just have to move in with him and his family if they destroy my home LOL
I wonder what his responce will be to the email I sent in reply LOL

monica      14/03/13
update- I contacted Cir Mark Greenhill. I got a quick responce via e-mail and hopefully the council will grant permission to remove these giants