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advertising pamphlets

Posted by monica on 10/08/12
tentants of 21 hope, we all have recycle bins so why are phamplets left on top of the letter boxes as the wind blows them around littering the common areas and using the garden beds as your own personal garbage bin is not cool. monica 9/8/12

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monica      17/08/12
Maybe a huge sign attached to the news board and mentione that photos will be taken of tenants littering and posted on this site, now thats a great idea xxxxx
AlexBaumann      17/08/12
Monica has now provided a milk crate which I have now chained to the mail box. Hope people use it for their unwanted mail - might need a sign to start with.
AlexBaumann      13/08/12
I know - it would be nice to see people taking a bit mnore responsibility and pride rather than just chucking their junk mail on top of the mail boxes where they know the wind will do the rest. I think the milk crate is our best hope. I'm happoy to put it in the recycle on garbage night. Anyone got a spare milk crate?
monica      11/08/12
anthony and i used to put milk crates underneath the letter boxes but it was always us that emptied them on garbage days so when we got the recycle bins i thought you beauty, but not so and i really resent picking other peoples rubbish up i have enough of my own. what are your views on placing a note on our notice board regarding this problem axxxxxxx

p.s. wentworth phoned to let me know that our t.v. ariel will be updated and the tradesman will phone me next week to arrange an appointment
AlexBaumann      10/08/12
Yes - I'm constantly picking peoples' junk mail out of my garden. Short of people taking responsibility for themselves (which would be idea) we could probably solve this by putting some kind of container for junk mail under the mail box - people could just easily chuck it in there instead of leaving it on the boxes. If it was tucked back a bit under the boxes just a milk crate may do the trick.