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advertising pamphlets

Posted by monica on 10/08/12
tentants of 21 hope, we all have recycle bins so why are phamplets left on top of the letter boxes as the wind blows them around littering the common areas and using the garden beds as your own personal garbage bin is not cool. monica 9/8/12

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monica      01/09/13
some tenants are so inconsiderate, I emptied the crate at the letter box's which was over full as usual RECYCLE BINS PEOPLE.
monica      08/06/13
stickers are the go because there are still pamphlets being left on top of the letter boxes and yesterday the phone directories that were put into our letter boxes, one was left on top of the letter boxes...go figure everyone needs them xx
AlexBaumann      07/06/13
Been meaning to do this for a while. I'll ask what stickers they have up at the post office.
monica      06/06/13
great idea Alex, we have such inconsiderate people in our complex.
AlexBaumann      15/03/13
Oh well - at least people are putting their junk mail in the crate now instead of on top of the mailbox where it blew everywhere. Perhaps we can offer 'No Junk Mail' stickers to everyone? Some may opt for that - save paper and save us having to deal with so much junk mail.
monica      14/03/13
I thought by now some of the other tenants besides Alex and myself would help with emptying the crate of pamphlets on garbage day .
monica      13/11/12
sorry Alex, I don't mean you, I'm just amazed that our lot dont give a dam about the place and they all use the milk crate for their pamphlets because they cant be bothered to put them into their recycle bin...after all that's what the bin is for and they all become suddenly blind while walking past on sunday when its time to put our bins out for collection...Anthony and I used to do it all the time way back but i think its time the rest of the block pulled their weight
AlexBaumann      13/11/12
Sorry Mon - I would have done it but we were away this weekend. Will take care of it today.
monica      13/11/12
wouldn't it be wonderful if tenants took turns in removing the pamphlets from the milk crate.
monica      20/08/12
god help me, some people are really thick and lazy....pamphlets still left on top of the letter boxes even with the milk crate visible