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Plant an Orange Tree

This info was correct at date of posting

What: Plant an Orange Tree

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Why: Sustainabily production of free fruit

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Who: could we include people on view st too

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When: When organised

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Where: Hope St

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Other: Cost of tree purchase

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(AlexBaumann 24/09/13)
Good one Mon - tree looks great!
(monica 22/09/13)
trees looking great maybe we will see some fruite this year
(monica 01/09/13)
i gave the tree a trim and feed so we'll see how it does this year
(AlexBaumann 07/06/13)
Set up a 'Job Box': Oops - not sure why we started talking about location and variety of tree under 'set up a job box'? Funny how one thing just turns into the next. Reply
(AlexBaumann 07/06/13)
Set up a 'Job Box': Dwarf variety might be better anyhow because it's easier to harvest and wouldn't get huge. Reply
(AlexBaumann 07/06/13)
Anyone interested in picking this project back up? Think we were getting pretty close re: a location and variety.
(monica 11/04/13)
hahaha Alex, I'm getting forgetful now i remember the tree and yep they can be quite hungry for a feed so do what you want in regards to feeding or pruning
(AlexBaumann 10/04/13)
Yeah that tree seems strong and I did see some fruit on it at one point. That's the tree you gave me Monica. Do you think it needs any special attention? I have been giving it a bit of citrus fertilizer on occation
(monica 09/04/13)
the tree you planted Alex in the common area is doing quite well and i do check to see how its growing
(chrisbaulman 05/03/13)
(landrights4all 05/03/13)
(AlexBaumann 27/03/12)
Water Tree: I think that we may need to have a rim that runs around the tree for watering. If this was made out of plastic or something durable and we dug it fairly deep into the ground at time of planting this would make the tree easy and efficent to water. Reply
(AlexBaumann 27/03/12)
Decide on Tree Variety: Once we have named the jobs and done some job steps for them perhaps we can set up a job box with the jobs in them that can sit near the tree and be refered to on a poster for anyone who may want to get involved. I guess that will mean we'll need a way for people to say they have done the job. There can also be a note on the box inviting people to discuss the tree at Village. Reply
(AlexBaumann 27/03/12)
Decide on Tree Variety: NEW JOB LISTED FOR Plant an Orange Tree ...Set up a 'Job Box' has been added (AlexBaumann - 27/03/12) Reply
(AlexBaumann 27/03/12)
Prune Tree: Prune your Valencia orange tree in the early spring to maintain your tree's health and appearance. Remove any discolored, diseased, damaged, weak or dead branches. Use only sharpened and sterilized pruning shears when pruning your Valencia orange tree to prevent the spread of plant diseases and minimize the pruning stress to your tree. Read more: How to Care for a Valencia Orange Tree | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6585710_care-valencia-orange-tree.html#ixzz1qGQIJ58c Reply
(AlexBaumann 27/03/12)
Prune Tree: NEW JOB LISTED FOR Plant an Orange Tree ...Prune Tree has been added (AlexBaumann - 27/03/12) Reply
(AlexBaumann 27/03/12)
Water Tree: Provide your Valencia orange tree with frequent irrigation to keep its soil consistently moist, but never wet. Use a slow-watering method like a drip, soaker or bubbler hose when watering your Valencia orange tree. Reduce your watering to just once every two to three weeks during the cooler winter months. ...this seems like we would need a bit of a system through the hotter months. Perhaps something automatic. Read more: How to Care for a Valencia Orange Tree | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6585710_care-valencia-orange-tree.html#ixzz1qGLJJvS4 Reply
(AlexBaumann 27/03/12)
Fertilise Tree: Perhaps four not three times a year was suggested for mountains soils because of their deficiency in mineral and trace elements. Couldn't find anyhthing online about this but I'm sure our local nursey guy will tell us the exact times. ...Early spring, early summer and early autumn is probably still correct (like the info below) and so I imagine that they also recommend early winter in the mountains - I'll verify. Reply
(AlexBaumann 27/03/12)
Yes - as per your comment in 'Other' at least one more person would be good. Any ideas about how to attract another person. I know there was some interest at the beginning. The posters are wearing a little thin but I guess there our only real outreach. Perhaps a poster saying where we are up to and inviting people to share the cost/jobs.
(AlexBaumann 27/03/12)
Set up a 'Job Box': Yes it would seem like this is the best spot. The only concer is around how much soil growing room is available in that spot. Might mean the difference between a full grown tree and a dwarf. Reply